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The web hosting service is operated by Mesh Digital Ltd, with the address at The Old Forge, Shackstead Lane, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1RJ England, telephone 1-877-977-6263 (US customers) and +33 (0)1 82 88 01 93 (International customers).

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Features Comments
Multiple Domains register domains from multiple top levels
Bulk Order Discounts discounts for bulk domain orders available
DNS management full access for Domain Name Settings management
Free Whois Privacy free domain privacy included for all general TLDs – protects your identity
Local Contact Services local address services offered for web domains requiring local presence
Domain Forwarding web forwarding of domain included
Domain Parking web parking of domain included
Free Web Mail free web mail included with every domain
Email Forwarding email forwarding included for every domain
Domain Back orders domain back orders available
Web Hosting web hosting available from the same DomainMoster account
Support 24/7 email and phone support
Extras domain registration for all general TLDs (.com, .net, /org, .info), many country specific domains (, .de, etc.)

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DomainMonster Discounts Observations
45% domain discount Discount detailsstarting from just €5.99 / year, the discount is available for .com domains, with free private registration included

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 5 reviews
byDaniel onHosting Reviews 24/7
Hosting downtime

Hosting uptime recorded by uptime robot is 66%. Its slow, and frankly not fit for purpose. I installed a email plugin just now, saved the new email header, and its corrupted the database. Whole site is down. Extra useless now. Didn't think it could get any worse.

I would give it 0 if i could..

byGraham Rogers onHosting Reviews 24/7
Getting Worse

I wrote a review back in November about my sites dropping. After a week of being offline and me posting on their Facebook page things suddendly were good again. So I didn't change my sites as I intended to. Now into January 2016 I reported one of my sites down last Friday. The guy who answer was friendly enough and said it would have to go to the 'hosting team' and they'd email me back when the site was back up. It's now Wednesday, so five days later, and the site is not still up. I've noticed there isn't many places to leave negative reviews. The Facebook page review button is missing properly because they couldn't cope with the number of adverse reviews. In all really poor support, I'd say don't go near this company. There most be good hosting companies out there!!

byGraham Riogers onHosting Reviews 24/7
Domainmonster Support Zero Response

Over the years I've been with Domainmonster things have been good. I liked the way I could get a site online very quickly with domain registration, Wordpress install and hosting. But things have fallen apart recently. I noticed that the traffic getting to my site wasn't converting properly. Going from an amazing conversion rate to zero. I checked the ads but nothing was wrong. I re built the ads. Now it looks like the sites have been dropping off line and have been not up for long periods. I phoned them a few weeks back on a Friday and they told me they had no support until the Monday. The sites went back onliine over the weekend though. This time the sites have completed gone down and I have rung Domainmonster support. They said they'd get Technical support to ring me back. 24 hours later still no response. Sites all 28 of them are still down and have been down for at least 36 hours now. So very poor support avoid them.

byChad S onHosting Reviews 24/7
Unable to handle basic services

I know this thread is fairly old but I wanted to add my review of Domain Monster for a more recent review:

I moved approximately 20 domains to Domain Monster in October 2013. I read this thread before doing so. I was aware of the lack of bulk edit and I can tell you it's still very real, and very much a headache when you have to update multiple domains. I spent approximately an hour updating the necessary items for all 20 domains (DNS primarily since I was using GoDaddy name servers prior to the move). Sure, they will make the changes if you create a support ticket (so I'm told) but due to poor planning on my part I needed the changes to be made immediately so I spent the time doing it so I didn't need to wait for them. Trust me, it's useful to be able to bulk edit domains. I've done it numerous times. Typically, once I've updated the domains all is well and I don't interact with the company again so the cheap prices seemed reasonable and an hour of time seemed a good trade off.

Then there was a .us domain. For country domains you have to certify several pieces of information. For .us domains you have to certify you are a US Citizen or business and several other rather minor pieces of information. This is all just a setting in the control panel and is stored with the registrar. In Domain Monster's case though it wouldn't work. I spent about two hours going back and forth with them to get it fixed. They acknowledged it was a bug but that's two hours of my life I won't get back and no offer of credit for the inconvenience.

Strike three was realizing the wrong card was charged for one of the domains. One of my twenty domains is owned by another company so I needed to charge it to a different card. The transfer process here is a bit cumbersome (as are most things) so somewhere in the process the card number I entered for the single domain was lost and the original card I used for the other 19 domains was charged. I honestly don't know if I made a mistake through the process and after entering the card details still somehow managed to change it to the wrong credit card, or if after entering the correct details that card wasn't selected for the transaction and I assumed it was. Regardless of what happened, I contacted customer support to request that they refund the wrong card and bill the right card. They informed me they can't. It simply isn't possible. What?! How can it be so difficult to process a credit and rebill? I'll tell you how - they simply don't have the system in place to do so (similar to bulk editing). If they have any type of system in place for crediting customers in service related instances they should be able to handle this but my guess is they don't credit for customer service related issues (like the one I explained earlier). They said the only way to credit me would be to refund the original transaction which would delete the domain which I've paid for through 2017 with another registrar prior to moving it to Domain Monster.

I don't normally review companies because it's usually more time than it's worth. This company though struck a nerve.

In Domain Monster's defense they are a cheap provider. You get what you pay for. Want bulk edit or the ability to get a credit card error fixed? Pay a little more for a bigger registrar with the resources and service to do it.

I'll end this review on a positive note for Domain Monster - their responses to the whole mess have always been prompt and mostly professional (though a bit flippant with regards to the credit card issue).

byManuel P onHosting Reviews 24/7
Fine for Domain registration, Bad for Domain Transfer

I have registered quite a few domains with this provider and their prices are fairly competitive. I like the idea of keeping the domains under one account from where I can easily manage them. However as soon as I tried transferring some domains over to them, I came into problems. I have requested a few domain transfers here, from some I even paid for the extra 1 year renewal, but all failed to be transferred. Their service in this regards doesn't seem to be working at all! I have requested a credit for money I paid for domains that did not get transferred cause I had to renew them with the old registrar otherwise I would have lost them.

If they would get this transfer issue sorted out, they would have a fairly good product, but as long as there such problems, I can't give them more than 4 stars out of 5.