SSD Known as Solid State Drive. Because it has no moving parts that have to reach a specific point to read the data, the SSD has virtually no delays in serving the read/write requests. SSD has very high performance (100 times faster than a HDD).

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SSD Hosting

SSD stands for solid state drive. This is a new type of computer storage drive. Currently, you’ll find them mostly in high-end computers, servers, and laptops among others. Compared to traditional hard drives, SSD drives are light years ahead. Data in an SSD drive is retrieved electronically rather than read using an arm which was standard in traditional hard drives. This makes data transfer significantly fast.

SSD data hosting allows websites to respond faster to customer queries. With SSD hosting, data is read and written simultaneously. Here are a few advantages you should expect to gain by using SSD hosting;


Unlike mechanical hard drives, SSD drives don’t have moving parts inside them. This means the SSD drive is less susceptible to damage by vibration, shock or temperatures. On top of which, an SSD drive prevents further writing of data inside it once it reaches the end of its life cycle. Therefore, there is less chance of you losing valuable data once you decide to use SSD hosting.

Power saving

As mentioned previously there are no moving parts inside an SSD driver. Therefore, energy consumption by the drive is lower compared to mechanical hard drives. It is estimated that SSD drives consume as much as little as 20% of the power normal hard drives do per gigabyte basis. Factor this into a large server and the energy saving potential is humongous.


Recently Google set new ranking rules for websites. One of them was; the faster your website is the higher ranking it receives on search results. SSD hosting will definitely put you ahead of the competition since data reading and writing is done simultaneously. To put it into perspective SSD drives are more than twenty times as fast as mechanical drives. With that kind of speed, you should be able to power up the rankings in no time.


Since there are no moving parts on an SSD drive, there is no chance of skipping data. This happens to normal hard drives during data decryption and encryption processes. You’re assured that every single piece of data/information is properly stored and archived.


One of the biggest drawback to SSD hosting is the fact that it is too expensive. The price per gigabyte of data storage is higher compared to traditional HDD drives. Simply put, you’ll pay more money for less space on an SSD drive compared to an HDD one.

Traditional HDDs give off a warning in case they’re about to fail or crash. However, SSDs don’t give off any of these warnings. They simply crash allowing you no opportunity to take any pre-emptive actions.

There’s also a perception that SSDs have remarkable download speeds but lackluster writing speeds compared to their traditional counterparts.

Where do I get SSD hosting?

Due to their popularity SSD drives are now available in most tech shops and stores. In addition to that, there are various companies that offer SSD hosting. So as to make the best decision, do a cost-benefit analysis.


There is no denying that SSDs drives and hosting is the future of technology. To reap maximum benefits, you should take advantage of the opportunity.