SEO Hosting is a modern type of hosting where you are hosting sites on various subnets. In other words, an SEO web hosting provider is a provider that offers access to multiple IP addresses. This, along with the ability to have private DNS settings for each domain improve SEO efforts. SEO hosting providers offer usually a vast range of IP addresses, from different locations / countries, from class C to class A IPs, from shared IPs to dedicated ones.

Below you will find a list of hosting providers offering SEO Hosting packages:

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SEO Hosting

In this day and age, there are too many websites and not enough IP addresses to go around. An IP address is an identifier assigned to each device and computer. The address is displayed in notations such as  Since IP addresses aren’t enough, many web hosts offer hosting solutions of multiple websites on same IP address. SEO hosting on the other hand offers you the solution for hosting your website using a localized IP address. Here are a few more advantages of choosing SEO hosting:


SEO hosts utilize class C IP addresses. These addresses are dedicated IPs which give your website an edge over other websites. Your websites will show a unique IP address when searched. Generally, search engines check IP addresses to ascertain the quality and authenticity of the information. A class C IP address when looked up by the search engine will show your website to be unique. Once certified your website’s ranking will improve massively.

Dedicated servers

An SEO host provides dedicated servers for your websites. Using these servers reduces your website’s load times. On top of that, your website’s stability is boosted with fewer errors occurring. The servers also provide better protection with an extra protection of security. It now becomes easier to create a positive profile. This is more proof that SEO hosting is the best solution to host your website.

Expert assistance

Since you’re seeking the assistance of professional SEO hosts, you’re able to rely on their professional knowledge. Information received from these experts will be beneficial towards creating a better SEO profile for your website. In addition to that, SEO hosts aid in practice, ranking, and management of your website.


In comparison to other hosting solutions, SEO hosting is cost effective. Since you have several websites the alternative would be to hire the services of several web hosts. However, this solution is great since you get to manage all your websites through one portal at a reduced cost.

Penalized domains

With shared hosting, all the sites on that particular server use the same IP address. In the event, one site on the shared domain is penalized for spamming or scamming all the other innocent domains may also punished by association. On the flipside, this solution creates a blanket that protects innocent sites.


It will take time before you start seeing the advantages of SEO hosting compared to other methods.

The process of optimizing your website is time-consuming since the techniques required to achieve this goal takes hours to complete.

You should take the time to understand which hosting service suits your business better. An SEO hosting strategy in a saturated marketplace won’t yield any results as opposed to a quick fix solution such as PPC.

How to join

Before enlisting the services of an SEO host, you should look into the SEO’s success rate and experience. You should look to utilize the services of the most experienced SEO host. This information is readily available on most hosts’ website.

Wrap up

Utilizing the services of an SEO host could be the difference between the success or failure of your website. However, you should take the time to understand the strategies that the host will use to boost your website’s rankings and visibility.