phpBB is the premier open-source bulletin board software. You can quickly and easily start your own forum or message board to begin building your online community. phpBB is highly customizable, easy to use and efficient.

Below you will find a list of hosting providers offering easy phpBB installer and phpBB optimized hosting packages:

 HostingEditor RatingVisit Host
a2hostingA2Hosting 4.4Visit Host
dreamhostDreamHost 4.3Visit Host
justhostJustHost4.3Visit Host
bluehostBlueHost4.4Visit Host
fatcowFatCow4.2Visit Host
sitegroundSiteGround 4.6Visit Host
ipageiPage4.2Visit Host
ehosteHost4.0Visit Host
aseohostingASEOHosting 4.4Visit Host
hostgatorHostGator4.2Visit Host
1and11and14.0Visit Host
hostwindsHostwinds 4.4Visit Host
greengeeksGreenGeeks 4.4Visit Host
interserverInterServer 4.5Visit Host
fastcometFastComet 4.7Visit Host
tmdhostingTMDHosting 4.5Visit Host
host1plusHost1Plus 3.9Visit Host
InMotionHostingInMotionHosting4.4Visit Host
IdeaHostIdeaHost3.9Visit Host
HostmetroHostmetro3.1Visit Host

phpBB Hosting    

Choosing PhpBB hosting will prove to be a masterstroke in time. The first benefit you get from choosing this tool is that its open source. You don’t have to pay to purchase the tool and it’s constantly updated by its many users. A huge database of images and styles are available to you for your forum. That’s not all; you’re able to set them up in a few minutes since the site is user-friendly. Here are a few more reasons for you to consider PhpBB hosting:


When looking for the best forum hosting board, you should keep in mind users and visitors to your site will be put off by a slow-to-load or complex thread. This is why PhpBB hosting will be perfect for you. Not only is this tool consistently fast- it’s also very responsive. A reason for this is the developers worked hard to guarantee only essential message board features were included in the tool. You won’t experience any downtime or complaints from users should you choose it.


Despite most descriptions of this tool classifying it as an economical and simple tool, it has features you’d expect to see in more expensive and advanced boards. You’re able to access various modifications online. The best part being they’re all free of charge. Keeping this in mind, you could be able to create your version of PhpBB hosting with the following features: anti-spam and security features.

On top of which, you needn’t choose features you won’t require or need. You’ll be left with a solution that suits both your needs and your users’. Better yet, you won’t have to waste valuable web hosting resources on items you don’t need.

Open source

There are great advantages and strides to having software being open-source. The first one being there are constant upgrades and changes made to the application. This is vital since whenever the software experiences problems solutions are readily available. Open source means the software is available to a large number of people, meaning you have a huge group of people to answer your queries.

Another advantage you get from using PhpBB hosting is it’s free of charge permanently. You won’t have to contend with an expensive license or one-time fees to access the software. What’s more, there will be no running or upgrade costs earmarking this software as perfect for you and your business.


The biggest drawback to this tool is it can only be used to create forums. It’s impossible to run or create a website using this tool.

Despite your best efforts at creating the forum, it’s hard to get top ranking since this is entirely dependent on the content discussed in the forum.

How do I join?

If you aren’t an expert webmaster, you might be intimidated with talk of Php and Mysql as ways of installing phpBB software. However, this shouldn’t worry you since a large number of phpBB hosting providers offer streamlined script installation systems. This will make the whole process easy.


Unlike other bulletin board softwares you’re able to test the software free of charge. A community forum is also available to provide support.


Since 2000 PhpBB hosting has proven to be the leader in its field. It’s no wonder this tool is being used by millions of people all over the world.