Free Hosting is a web hosting product offered for free, at no cost for the user. Free web hosting usually comes with some restrictions in terms of performance and hosting space, but it can be enough for the beginners.

If you are looking to create a website for your hobby, your company or project, or maybe some SEO websites for linking purposes from different domains & hosting servers, free hosting packages can be successfully used for any of these.

Below you will find a list of hosting providers offering Free Hosting packages:

Free HostingSubdomainYour DomainVisit Host Host Host Host Host .mx .bzNoVisit Host Host Host Host Host .ai .tn .vgNoVisit Host Host Host Host Host Host Host Host Host Host

The above table lists free hosting providers along with the free subdomains TLD availability. With some of the free hosts you can host your own domain if you have one. You can register a new web domain with many registrars, but alternatively there are are some free domains out there for grabs: offers free domain names on the following domain levels: .TK / .ML / .GA / .CF / .GQ. offers free .CU.CC domains. Please note that due to high spam use from these domains, search engines do not index content on these web-domains.

Free Hosting

This simply refers to a data center or server farm located anywhere in the world offering space on their web server at no fee to you. In this scenario, your website, blog or files are stored on the web server rather than on your computer. You’re required to create, install and maintain the applications and files. The only assistance you receive from the web host is the space and tools to get your website or blog running.

To further understand free hosting, here are a few more features you should expect should you choose this method:


Hosting your website or blog on a host’s servers costs them money and resources. That’s why most free hosts offer the services as a marketing gimmick. You’ll access the basic hosting services on their website but certain advanced features will be out of reach to you. For you to access the advanced features you’ll have to pay up a certain amount of money.

Other hosts will offer the services for a short period of time, as a trial. After this period, you’ll be required to pay a certain amount of money.


This is the biggest advantage of free hosting services. If you’re a newbie this is a great way to save some money and learn the ropes of the web hosting industry. Should you feel the services of the host are unsatisfactory, you can easily shift to another. You have no contractual obligation to the host and no money will be lost.


A free hosting service is perfect for you if you’re planning to test your website or certain applications. You can easily observe the performance of the website. In the event that you notice some problems with the site, you can easily tweak it to match your vision.

You can also learn how to self-host your blogs, applications, and websites. You get to look at your host’s shortcomings and failures. Once you start up your blog or website you’ll be able to avoid the failures you observed.


One of the biggest drawbacks to free hosting is the constant downtime and server crashes. This is because these hosts sign up more people than their servers can handle so as to cover their expenses.

You’ll also have to contend with a lot of unsolicited advertising. Hosts mainly rely on advertisements for their revenue and thus the more advertisements the higher their expected revenue.

Due to the high number of users of free hosting services customer support is poor and slow.

With free hosts, your risk of hacks and breaches increases. Their firewalls are not as adept at handling large volumes of information, increasing security risks.

How to join

There are several free hosting services available on the internet. The signing up process is relatively easy and straightforward. All you need to do is identify the host that fits your specifications and requirements.


If you’re a newbie in the computing industry free hosting is perfect for you. There are minimal hoops to jump through and no long-term contracts to bind you. As a bonus, you get to learn the ins and out of the hosting world.