Drupal is a free and open-source content-management framework written in PHP. Drupal, the most powerful open source Content Management system, is mostly used for corporate sites, blogs, community web portals and eCommerce.

Below you will find a list of hosting providers offering easy Drupal installer and Drupal optimized hosting packages:

 HostingEditor RatingVisit Host
a2hostingA2Hosting4.4Visit Host
dreamhostDreamHost4.3Visit Host
justhostJustHost4.3Visit Host
bluehostBlueHost4.4Visit Host
sitegroundSiteGround4.6Visit Host
ipageiPage4.2Visit Host
ehosteHost4.0Visit Host
hostgatorHostGator4.2Visit Host
hostpapaHostPapa4.3Visit Host
1and11and14.0Visit Host
greengeeksGreenGeeks4.4Visit Host
interserverInterServer4.5Visit Host
fastcometFastComet4.7Visit Host
tmdhostingTMDHosting4.5Visit Host
host1plusHost1Plus3.9Visit Host
host1plusInMotionHosting4.4Visit Host
IdeaHostIdeaHost3.9Visit Host
HostmetroHostmetro3.1Visit Host

Drupal Hosting

For starters, this is a free website development tool, which allows you to create, manage and update a website despite having the minimal technical know-how. It’s as easy as pointing and clicking when you want to add new features, menus, pages, images and file uploads. In case you want to expand your website there are thousands of modules available for you. What’s more, these modules increase each day since this tool has more than 600,000 users.

Here are a few more features to expect once you download this tool:

Open source

In addition to having more than half a million individual users, this tool is used by 70% of the top universities in the United States. Some of the heavyweights include Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. Factor this with the fact that the code for this tool is open source and you’ll realize why it’s always evolving and getting better. This tool has a cutting edge platform that’s unrivaled and supports all the latest technologies available on the web.

It doesn’t matter how many websites you want to create the open source feature means it’s entirely free.


Drupal hosting is not only great for institutions, but it’s also awesome for individual users. You can easily create a user forum, blogs, e-commerce website and a department website all from using the same website. Modern standards and technologies are adhered to once you start using the tool. Techniques such as XHTML, Javascript, and CSS are used. You get top notch security for your website.

With the standard features of Drupal hosting, you get search engine optimization (SEO), interoperability and taxonomy.


The Drupal hosting community is 600,000+ strong meaning you have a large audience for any queries. This community is knowledgeable and really responsive and once a question is placed before them it won’t take too long before an answer has been found.


Due to its easy and great user interface adding any features onto your website is fast and hustle-free. You don’t even need an advanced degree in computer engineering to figure out how to add new features. Adding and displaying new lists of information is also easy with Drupal hosting.

In addition to that, interaction with other websites or technologies can be easily configured. Such scenarios include adding forums, mobile integration, and e-commerce solutions.


As a result of the large Drupal hosting community, there are thousands of themes available for you to choose from. The best part is each day there are new themes to choose from so should you feel the need to change your theme there will be a wider variety.


In case you want to create a blogging site, Drupal’s hosting will prove a tad complicated compared to other blog-specific software. The administration software is complicated.

Due to it being open source software, this tool is ever changing. Meaning you have to keep abreast of the constant changes.

How to join

First, download the application from Drupal’s website. Install the file on your hosting. The Drupal hosting companies listed above can do the installation processes in one click when using the Script Install function on their control panel. Once the app is installed, you will receive clear instructions on how to create a new website.


As the saying goes, numbers don’t lie. Drupal hosting has a strong unwavering following which can only indicate their competence in this segment.