Top 10 Hosting Recommendations

Web Hosting Recommendations by We have dedicated time for testing web hosting providers and selecting the best options for you. Below is a list of web hosting companies that offer reliable hosting services at top prices.

  HostingOfferEditor Rating
1interserverInterServer$1.00 UNLIMITED WEB HOSTING
2fatcowFatCowTake 60% Off!
3dreamhostDreamHost$2.59 Holiday Deals
4ipageiPage75% off Hosting
5hostgatorHostGatorNow 60% OFF! $2.75 / Month
6a2hostingA2Hosting66% Off for Shared Hosting
7hostpapaHostPapaOnly $3.95 / Month
8bluehostBlueHost$2.65/ Month
9hostwindsHostwinds53% OFF Starting at Just $3.29 / Month
10sitegroundSiteGround$6.99 / Month

Above list of top 10 hosting recommendations has been compiled considering a list of various factors. Having the right hosting is crucial for the success of your online website or business, and making the wrong choice can result in loss of reputation, traffic and even SEO.

While none of the above hosting services received a full 5 star rating, these companies are included in the list of top recommendations for the year 2019 because they offer the best overall package. If someone claims to show you a 5 star rated service, we would seriously consider that as a dishonest review.

Web Hosting Value

The overall value of the web hosting is given by the quality and features of the hosting services included for a price. Above 10 hosting recommendations come with some great discounts that brings them to the top of the list.

Web Hosting Features

Each web hosting package is provided with a set of features, from hosting environments that support and run various scripts to hosting administration. While hosting space, bandwidth, email accounts, PHP scripts are standard features to all web hosting accounts, there are many smaller things that make the difference. Free SSL certificates for your website, dedicated IPs, script installation, regular backups and rewinds, marketing vouchers are just a few of the features that made the different for this top.

Web Hosting Uptime

The uptime for a web hosting is usually shown as a percentage for the availability of the hosting/website against a timeframe. All recommended hosting services come with an uptime guarantee policy in place that protect their customers against hosting failure or connectivity issues.

Web Hosting Performance

The performance of the hosting account is not given by its uptime as some would thing, but rather by the speed of processing request and serving your website to online visitors. There is a difference between a website that loads a page in 2 seconds or in 0.4 seconds as this affects overall visitor experience. So hosting packages with SSD drives and caching systems may perform better.

Web Hosting Support

It is not uncommon for hosting users not to be able to do something – and while there are a great deal of FAQ on each company website, hosting support is still a major factor in our considerations for the top web hosting recommendations. Support comes down not only to speed in response, but also the ability to give the right answers that solves the problem.